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  • Will there be a grocery store?

    Yes, we are working with a popular grocer located in Sherman Oaks to move to our project. The store will dramatically increase the square footage of their current location and will include ample parking for both customers and employees.

  • What types of retail will occupy the IMT Sherman Oaks Project?

    We are working with renowned retailers to provide the neighborhood with unique shopping and dining options that will enhance our community of Sherman Oaks.

  • What types of public amenities will be available?

    We are providing ample, publicly accessible open space that can be used for casual enjoyment and community events. In addition, the site will contain pedestrian paseos and walkways lined with furniture niches and open areas of grass. At the edge of the site, there will be a park that connects our project to the Los Angeles River. The former Sunkist building is one of the only planned projects that creates a unique connection for pedestrians and bikers from the LA River to shopping, dining, offices, residences and parks.

  • Where will everybody park?

    The former Sunkist commercial building and retail employees will utilize a parking structure on the eastern portion of the property. Residents of the IMT Sherman Oaks Project will park below their apartments in a subterranean garage. Retail customers will park in a designated area with ample parking at no cost with a validated parking pass. The proposed project also has 56 percent more parking than required by code, which would assist in avoiding spillover parking into nearby residential neighborhoods.

  • What steps are being taken to ensure that the project is environmentally sustainable?

    The project seeks to achieve a LEED Gold certification. Some of the environmentally friendly ideas being analyzed for the project are: Photovoltaic charging stations, retention of stormwater on-site, use of LED lighting, drought tolerant plants, recycled building materials and construction of “cool roofs.”

  • Is the IMT Sherman Oaks Project going to have adequate outdoor space?

    Yes. In fact, the IMT Sherman Oaks Project development provides five times the outdoor space that’s required cy the Los Angeles Municipal Code.

  • What will the development do to help conserve water?

    The IMT Sherman Oaks Project will have low water plumbing fixtures such as toilets, showers, and faucets. It will also have a drought tolerant plant with advanced water irrigation systems and fixtures to retain water from storms on-site.

  • Will the appliances be energy efficient in the development?

    Yes, every appliance that you’ll find in the IMT Sherman Oaks Project is Star certified as being energy efficient.

  • How will building the development affect the environment?

    To reduce emissions, all construction materials used are manufactured within 500 miles of the development to reduce transportation and support the local economy. Recycling centers will be utilized to reduce construction debris, and all materials used in construction will be environmentally friendly. Use of zero and low volatile organic compound paints, adhesives, carpets and flooring to improve indoor air quality. In addition, all carpets, flooring, and paints will be organic to improve indoor air quality.

    In short, we’re doing everything that we can possibly do to make sure this project minimizes the effect to the environment.

  • Are you studying the possible impact to traffic in the surrounding area?

    A full traffic study has been prepared and reviewed in the environmental approval process. No access will be allowed off of Calhoun Avenue— this will minimize traffic in the surrounding residential neighborhood. Both the Riverside Drive and Hazeltine Avenue driveways will be maintained and improved to limit traffic throughout the surrounding area.

  • Is there a comprehensive environmental impact report for this project?

    Absolutely. You can find it right here. It should clear up any concerns that you might have.

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