Community Support is Growing - IMT Sherman Oaks

Community Support is Growing

Sherman Oaks residents are voicing their support for the IMT Sherman Oaks Project.

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Let's continue to support well-thought out, balanced projects like this in Sherman Oaks. I live nearby and like to see these developments being contemplated.

Gabriel B.

[I'm excited about] the revitalization of the area. I am excited about the housing piece as well.

Angelina M.

This part of the valley needs this community/entertainment type project. To have a place that's easily accessible, social, residential and commerce based is such a fantastic idea. This project, I hope, will bring a much needed upscale feel back to this area of Sherman Oaks.

Jamie F.

I support any new positive eco-conscious community project that helps heal and bring the community together .

Michael L.

What could be better than having so many amenities within walking distance and being able to leave your car in the garage. I am hoping the units will be large and have wonder storage and walls to place furniture.

Leslie & Cliff & Cliff G.

Always glad to see when communities are coming together to improve the life style for the local citizens.

Joan B.

Live, Work, and Play! Exciting

Jacqueline H.

From watching the video, I believe that this project will be a landmark site in the area especially by adding the luxury apartments. IMT designs some of the nicest apartments around, which is why I currently live in my 2nd IMT building, the newest addition to the valley at Sherman Circle. The area in Sherman Oaks where the development will be located is a great location, convenient to many things, and will be a beautiful attraction to the surrounding area. I would definitely be one of the residents should this project come to light.

Brandon W.

I like that they are keeping what I consider to be an iconic building and adding a lot of green space. I believe the area is in need of new retail so the fact that this project will add that is great!

Summer H.

This will be an amazing addition to the community. I'm excited to see the renovation of the historic Sunkist building, plus the restaurants, grocery stores, and additional living and park space they plan to add to the community.

Jennifer B.

It will bring beauty to the city. I am interested on purchasing here in the future.

Jacqueline P.

Nice to have a "destination" so close to home.

Diana W.

It brings needed business s to our neighborhood and will increase property values.

Allyson T.

The valley desperately needs more well managed apartment options with modern amenities. Good square footage would be a huge plus also, for families.

Tara R.

Another green space within walking distance would be great!

Ilya K.

I've lived in Sherman Oaks since 1967, have been involved in the community and I am proud to see the city continue to upgrade and stay family friendly and senior friendly.

Isabel B.

Los Angeles as a whole needs more public park space, and Sherman Oaks in particular would greatly benefit from this added public land use improvement. It will also be greatly beneficial as a pilot project for further improvements to the LA River, one of Sherman Oak's most under-used assets.

Hunter O.

Brings economic benefit to the area.

Cindy K.

Much better to create jobs and living space than to have this property remain vacant.

Andrea B.

A beautified city center with shopping plazas always make my day! #retailtherapy!

Having one so close to the city will alleviate household congestions as well as create new tourist and local traffic to the town that will increase marketing opportunities to neighboring businesses such as myself :)

I am both super excited and supportive!

Fabiola T

I would love to find a job close to home. Sounds like there may be an opportunity here.

Sheri D.

Because it is great real estate idea for Sherman Oaks community and added value to all business and houses.

Nahid A.

I am an IMT Resident and they provide and maintain a quality residential product. They take pride in their product and the community they serve. With rental prices on the rise due to reduced construction starts over the past years, this is a much needed improvement to the community, the mixed use development will blend the best of all worlds. Retail, residential and community outdoor spaces not to mention parking for public, retail and residential use (we sure could use that).

Change is always difficult, but this is change for the better. European cities have mixed residential and commercial developments for 100's of years - isn't it time we caught up with the rest of the world?

Kathleen M.

We need to build up the neighborhood. And creates jobs.

Juan G.

New businesses in the community mean new jobs, and I love the idea of having more retail stores! The building is an eyesore, and definitely needs a face lift.

Geraldine T.

Sounds exciting, it's about time something is done in the community with some of the older buildings to bring them into the 21 century. Kudos to IMT for making it happen.

Cynthia L.

I think the IMT Sherman Oaks Project will bring life back to a building and an area that needs it!

Rebekah S.

Excited to see new IMT become reality around Encino-Sherman oaks and why not moving to the new unit when it will be build.

Francois D.

Why not make something productive for the community. Not a vandalism sight. It's very close to schools the Westfield shopping center. It will be amazing. It reminds me of the Americana in Glendale. It will be a great project. All for it. I worked at the Westfield mall for a few years and I remember driving thru the Sunkist building and it is an eyesore for Riverside Drive.

Celia P.

I love the property designs provided by IMT as a consumer. I think average spend for the city will increase and therefore will generate new revenues and taxes. State of the art facility is what IMT offers and that would be a boost for the Chamber and the City as a whole. I think it is a perfect match for the community and IMT offers an array of services and qualifies a great demographic of professional people that will match the consumers needs' in the Sherman Oaks area. I am very much for it.

Diana R.

I am excited about the various upgrades the project will offer to the existing building. The great Park IMT is looking to build an incredible feature. Public Wi-Fi availability, coupled with the addition of various business to the area will be a much-needed upgrade. The projects IMT has constructed in different neighborhoods over the last few years have done nothing but bring much-needed enhancement and lift to the area. Their plans are well thought out and laid out, and they take into account the value and benefits added to each community. I am for this project and look forward to its completion.

Lillian M.

Creating community and providing multifamily housing and creating jobs and a quality project that we can all be proud of!

Georgeanne H.

It will bring a beautiful new building to Sherman oaks

George Y.

Will bring a beautiful property to the area looks amazing will also bring new job opportunities for people in the area and might set a trend and could be just the first of many upgrades in Sherman Oaks. Very excited and looking forward to the new site.


Sherman Oaks was my home for 17 years and I still love to dine and shop there on a weekly basis. I support any project that helps it grow and progress as a great city.

Kenwood Y.

This project will bring a new look to the Sherman oaks area! Los Angeles is the second largest city in America and it's only right to have ground breaking projects in the area.

Kenneth M.

I am excited to see the area grow. The opportunities for jobs and to bring people to the San Fernando valley to live and be part of the community. I'm excited for positive change and cant wait until it is finished!

Rebecca D.

Sherman Oaks is where I used to live, and have been looking to make my way back out there if I find the exact same style of home IMT provided me in Reseda... along with same rate.

David D.

More jobs and shopping

Julie M.